How to prevent eavesdropping in the communication age, can using a signal jammer prevent it?

How to prevent eavesdropping in the communication age, can using a signal jammer prevent it?

With the rapid development of the communication industry, many bugging devices, smart phones, and digital products have been updated iteratively. The bugging devices have become more and more portable, especially the smart bugs have been reduced to the size of a pen. This is simply icing on the cake for those criminals. In the case of such advanced popularization, a person or a company or a government unit has caused a very large information security risk. For example: during the meeting, the company leaders said that some company secrets were recorded and caused a lot of damage; even the staff in the office of some government agencies will face the situation of being eavesdropped when sorting out the business process. cause extremely bad social effects. Moreover, there is also the possibility that personal information, business secrets and other information may be leaked based on conversations, especially those conversations that have a certain meaning. So how can we effectively prevent being eavesdropped? Then the following is the cell phone signal jammer manufacturer to analyze this problem for you.

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According to the above situation analysis, a high-tech product or a secret room can be selected to block the risk of eavesdropping and prevent important information from being stolen. So what technologies are available at this stage to prevent others from eavesdropping? Some state-owned enterprises or government departments will use some large and medium-sized confidential conference rooms in their conference rooms. These conference rooms have high security requirements, and such large confidential conference rooms can only be used on very important occasions. But this kind of confidential conference room is completely closed, and uses a comprehensive information security protection method. If executed properly, the effect of shielding the signal is very guaranteed. But the problem with this kind of conference room is that the construction cost is too low and the price is very expensive. A complete set will cost millions of dollars, and ordinary customers simply cannot afford such a cost.

According to the above requirements, our mobile phone signal jammer manufacturer Basansiyi Technology has developed a 1438-5 signal jammer product that can block bugs. It can effectively block bugs from eavesdropping on our conversations, and can also block mobile phones. and other electronic equipment. The working method of the signal jammer is to emit super strong ultrasonic waves within a certain frequency band to block the signal. This sound wave cannot be perceived by the human ear, and will not cause harm to the human body, so it can be used with confidence.

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