How to make the signal of mobile phone signal jammer stronger?

How to make the signal of mobile phone signal jammer stronger?

The signal jammer for cell phone blocks the signal from the mobile phone receiving base station. It will attenuate when it encounters obstacles. If it is a solid wall of reinforced concrete, the attenuation after penetration is very large; if it is made of gypsum board, the attenuation is smaller; if it is made of glass or wood, there is basically not much attenuation.

cell phone blocker

Step 1: Take a used can, clean it, and pull out the tab

Step 2: Cut the bottom of the tank as shown in the picture and remove the entire bottom. The cut-off bottom is no longer needed.

Step 3: Cut the top of the can as shown in the picture. Be careful not to cut all the way. Leave 1-2 cm part without cutting. At the same time, the remaining 1-2 cm part must be close to the mouth of the can.

Step 4: Draw a vertical red line on the back as shown in the picture and cut off the iron sheet along the middle of the red line.

Step 5: Spread the cut iron sheet slowly and make it into a fan shape.

Step 6: Put the finished sector-shaped iron shell on the topsignaljammer signal blocker antenna. As shown in the picture, if there are many antennas, we can make 2-3 identical iron shells and put them on.

Due to limited materials, we only made one iron sheet. If we make 2-3, the effect will be better. After doing this, we can install and fix the mobile phone signal jammer on the wall, which will double the emission effect and have a stronger penetration effect.

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