How to install the mobile phone signal jammer, do I need to debug it after completion?

How to install the mobile phone signal jammer, do I need to debug it after completion?

Many customers report that they will not install the device after receiving it. Next, let's focus on the simple installation method. And do I need to debug after receiving the cell phone jammer ?

First of all, after receiving the goods, we can see the outer packaging box of the product color box after we open the outer carton. The color box packaging uses the inner buckle type airplane box design. You can buckle the middle lock and open the outer box.

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The second step is to open the outer packaging box and you can see the mobile phone signal jammer host, special switching power supply, high-gain omnidirectional transmitter wireless, a signal jammer power cord, a product manual, and a certificate of conformity.

The third step is to take out the server and see the photo on the back of the product. The back uses a thickened sawtooth heat dissipation aluminum shell, and the front side uses dual cooling fans. After taking out the server, first remove the dust protection cover and expose the copper connector.

The fourth step is to see that the letters on the upper side of the machine and the upper side of the antenna match. Tighten the connector with the same letter on the upper side of the antenna and the letter of the device to the right, and all the antennas are tightened accordingly.

The fifth step is to remove the power supply of the mobile phone signal jammer and insert the power plug into the power socket. The other end is the signal jammer power output port aviation socket into the jammer aviation socket position, the aviation connector has front and back buckles, If it is plugged in the wrong way, it cannot be plugged in.

The sixth step, all cables are installed and plug-in debugging is completed. If the cooling fan rotates, the indicator light is on, and the signal light of the device is on, it means that everything is normal.

In addition, does the mobile phone signal jammer have to be debugged? The answer is that there is no need for any adjustment after receiving the device. The mobile phone signal jammer is shipped after 24 hours of power-on aging, after a variety of current and voltage short-circuit tests, and then passed the technical professional spectrum analyzer equipment to debug the frequency output power. After the equipment is reached, it is enough to simply install and power on. We can adjust the installation direction according to the layout of the site and adjust the viewing angle of the antenna emission.

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