How to install the car handheld mobile phone signal jammer? Professional manufacturers tell you!

How to install the car handheld mobile phone signal jammer? Professional manufacturers tell you!

1. Product Features

(1) Overview of product functions:

The vehicle-mounted hand-held mobile phone signal jammer is a broadband transmitter with a transmission frequency of 870~880MHz, 930~960MHz, 1805~1920MHz, 2010~2145MHz, 2400~2500MHz, 2300~2370MHZ, 2555~2655MHZ (excluding GSM, DCS, PCS, 4G uplink operating frequency), is a wireless device used to cut off the signal between the transmitter (base station) and the mobile phone, which can shield the 2.4 wireless signal.

This product can effectively shield the microwave signal between the transmitter (base station) and the mobile phone, so that the mobile phone in the shielded area (including GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS, 3G, 4G) can be disconnected from the outside world. This product is small in size and easy to use. It can be used in a variety of environments with different areas through independent and distributed distribution.

2. Installation and use instructions

2.1 Installation steps and methods

2.1.1 Take out the shield main unit from the box;

2.1.2 Screw the car-mounted handheld cell phone jammer antennas into their corresponding antenna bases, otherwise it will be invalid;

Handheld 3 band GSM 3G GPS shielding jammer

2.1.3 Hang the shield on the wall or the corresponding position, the best installation height is 1-1.8 meters;

2.1.4 First connect the 5V output of the power supply to the host, then insert the AC input of the power supply into the mains socket, and then turn on the power switch, the work indicator on the power supply is on, indicating that it starts to work

Three, matters needing attention

3.2.1 The antenna must be installed according to the corresponding logo on the host, and then the host power is turned on.

3.2.2 The effective coverage of the shield is a circular area centered on the shield, so when using it, pay attention to the correct placement of the shield to avoid dead corners of shielding.

3.2.3 The shielding device should be placed in a well-ventilated place, try to avoid the shielding of large objects, and avoid strong electromagnetic sources of strong heat sources, so as to ensure the shielding effect and long-term stable operation.

3.2.4 When the shield is working, it is not allowed to stack other items on it and disassemble the antenna, so as not to affect the shielding effect and damage the machine.

3.2.5 When the car-mounted handheld mobile phone signal jammer is not in use, the power supply should be cut off in time, so as not to affect the normal use of the mobile phone.

3.2.7 When using the shielding device outdoors, pay attention to waterproofing.

3.2.7 When the area of ​​the site used is larger than the effective shielding range, it is recommended to use multiple isolators for cellular installation to ensure the shielding effect.

3.2.8 Since the power supply and antenna are dedicated to the host, and they are debugged one by one during factory debugging, please try not to use them interchangeably to ensure the best effect.

3.2.9 Please keep away from corrosive gases and liquids, and do a good job of dustproof and moisture-proof, so as not to accelerate the aging of the internal components of the equipment.

3.2.10 When it is placed outdoors or in the wild, attention should be paid to adding protective devices in the environment where destructive animals such as rats and ants are infested.

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