How to install a mobile phone signal jammer? How high does it need to be placed?

How to install a mobile phone signal jammer? How high does it need to be placed?

After purchasing a cell phone signal jammer, many customers found that the device was not broken, but the use effect was not good. According to topsignaljammer, 95% of people use the equipment incorrectly, which is also the specific reason for the poor use of the equipment. Next, let’s talk about: What should you pay attention to when installing and using a smartphone signal jammer?

1. The best installation height of the mobile phone signal jammer is no less than 2 meters away from the road.

2. When the installation location is less than 220 meters away from the signal tower, the actual use effect is inversely proportional to the distance from the signal tower. That is, the closer the signal tower is, the smaller the actual radius is.

3. Tighten the external antenna before turning on the power. The external antenna must be kept vertical (⊥). The number marked on the external antenna must be exactly the same as the number marked on the external antenna hole on the device host. Do not insert it backwards. It is not possible to turn on the power of the host without connecting the external antenna.

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4. The actual coverage area of the mobile phone signal jammer is the circular tube area centered on the signal jammer. Therefore, when using it, you must pay attention to the correct location of the signal jammer to prevent actual dead spots.

5. The mobile phone signal jammer should be placed in a place with good air circulation, avoid the obstruction of open products as much as possible, and avoid the strong electromagnetic induction source of strong heat sources to ensure the actual use effect and the long-term performance of the mobile phone signal jammer. When doing this, do not stack other products on it or disassemble the external antenna to avoid affecting the actual use effect and damaging the machine.

6. When the mobile phone signal jammer is not in use, the power supply should be disconnected in time to prevent it from affecting the normal use of the smartphone.

7. When using the signal jammer outdoors, pay attention to waterproofing

8. When the area of the site used is larger than the actual actual range, it is recommended to use multiple mobile phone signal jammers to install in a cellular manner to ensure the actual use effect.

Because the power supply and external antenna are specially designed to be matched with the device host, and they are completely debugged at the factory, please try not to interchange them with each other to ensure the best use effect.

9. Please keep away from corrosive gases and liquids, and do dustproof and anti-corrosion work to prevent accelerated aging of internal components of the equipment.

10. When placing it outdoors or in the field, pay attention to adding protective devices in environments where rats, ants and other destructive animals are infested. cell phone signal jammer

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