How to ensure the jamming effect of wireless jammers?

How to ensure the jamming effect of wireless jammers?

Jamming equipment is usually used in examination rooms, supervision places, confidential meeting rooms, etc. When using jammers in these places, it is necessary to ensure that the signal interception effect achieves the expected effect. In fact, there are many factors that affect the blocking effect of the wireless jammer, such as the distance between the installation site and nearby signal base stations, the transmit power of the jammer, and the use of through walls. To ensure whether the jammer can effectively shield the mobile phone signal, testing is a very important step when purchasing a jammer.

First of all, test the signal interference distance, don't just use one or two types of mobile phones. The mobile phone networks used by cheating candidates during the exam are different, especially the 5G mobile phone network that has been very popular in the past two years. Therefore, it is necessary to test the mobile phones of all the networks of the current carrier. Ensure that the mobile phone wifi jammer can block all mobile phone networks within the scope of an examination room, so that it is qualified!

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Then test the stability of the interference effect. Test the jamming effect after turning on the phone to ensure that there is no signal on the mobile phone, and the mobile phone signal cannot appear from time to time, otherwise someone will use this intermittent time to send exam information. This time is enough for candidates to pass answers to cheat. Therefore, when buying a jammer, you must pay attention to the on-site detection of the jamming effect of different mobile phones to ensure that the signal jaming really achieves an effective blocking effect.

In addition, the effect of block on other electronic equipment should also be tested. Although jammers are mainly used to block cell phone signals, there may be other electronic devices in some occasions, such as surveillance cameras, wireless microphones, etc. Before purchasing equipment, conduct field tests to ensure that it will not interfere with or damage the proper operation of other critical equipment.

It should be ensured that the transmitting power of the wireless jammer meets the regulations. Excessive transmit power may interfere with surrounding wireless communications, or even violate relevant laws and regulations. When purchasing, it is necessary to choose legal products that meet the standards, and follow the usage specifications to ensure that the transmit power of the jammer is moderate, and it can shield wireless signals without interfering with other legal communications.

Attention should be paid to its reasonable installation position. According to the actual situation of the examination room, choose a suitable location to place the jammer to ensure that the coverage of the signal jam is maximized. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid the jammer from being too close to the surrounding metal equipment or walls, so as not to affect the signal blocker effect.

Regular maintenance and detection of the working status of signal interception equipment is also an important link to ensure the shielding effect. Regularly check the jammer's power supply, antenna connection, etc. to make sure it is working properly. At the same time, regularly test the shielding effect to confirm that the jammer can still effectively shield the wireless signal.

In order to ensure the interception effect of the jammer, comprehensive testing and verification should be carried out. Consider the shielding distance, the stability of the shielding effect, the impact on other equipment, the compliance of the emission power, and the reasonable installation location. Only by purchasing a suitable wireless jammer and conducting necessary tests and maintenance can it be effectively used in sensitive places such as examination rooms and maintain the fairness and order of the examination.

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