How to configure the mobile phone signal shielding device when the on-site signal is too strong

How to configure the mobile phone signal shielding device when the on-site signal is too strong

Friends who are familiar with mobile phone signal jammers should have encountered such a situation, using a base station with an operator not far from the site, or an indoor signal distribution system installed in the corridor. As a result, the shielding effect of the mobile phone signal shielding device is greatly affected. When encountering such a scene, how to deal with it, or how to reasonably configure the mobile phone signal shielding device.

1. If the prepared mobile phone signal jammer is on site, it has a certain shielding effect, but the distance does not meet the requirements. If configuring two identical mobile phone signal jammers can solve the problem, configure two devices, or use a spectrum analyzer to detect the signal spectrum on site. , Through analysis, find the signal frequency that is the most difficult to shield, and then add shielding modules of the corresponding frequency band in the mobile phone signal shielding instrument, then disperse the frequency distribution, and reasonably allocate the transmission frequency of each module, which can have a good shielding effect on the scene. certain improvement.

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2. If the first method still fails to achieve the expected shielding effect, then a high-power shielding module can be used to supplement the targeted shielding of a frequency band with a strong frequency signal. Cooperate with low-power mobile phone signal jammer to achieve full-frequency coverage and shielding of mobile phone frequency bands. Through this method, the above-mentioned method can be implemented by using a module of model SMa-818K90 or a high-power module of SMa-818K200 produced by topsignaljammer Technology Co., Ltd. This method can save a lot of cost and can realize on-site signal shielding. Great value for money.

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