How to choose the right cell phone signal jammer?

How to choose the right cell phone signal jammer?

First of all, you need to explain to the shielding device manufacturer the place you need to shield and the size of the range. The most important point is whether there are mobile phone signal towers built by operators within three or four hundred meters around, which will affect the selection of shielding devices. type. Find a few more, compare prices and qualifications, and choose the best.

How to choose the right cell phone signal jammer?

1. Shield frequency band: Before purchasing, you need to know which signals you want to shield. Ordinary mobile phone signals (234G) can be selectively shielded. If you only shield 2, 3G or only 3, 4G, this can be done before leaving the factory adjusted. However, Texin's mobile phone signal jammer adopts full-band shielding. If users want to shield a certain signal, they only need to install the corresponding antenna on the machine.

2. Applicable places: Regarding the use of shielding, if it is used in indoor places, the shielding device generally suitable for examination rooms, conference rooms, offices and other spaces is one type. Gas stations need to use explosion-proof and high-temperature resistance; if it is an outdoor open area , you need to use a medium-power signal jammer to achieve a suitable distance.

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3. Appearance: The shield can be divided into external antennas and built-in antennas. Generally speaking, the external antennas extend outward because of the external antennas, so they occupy a larger space than the built-in antennas. A little; because of the antenna extending outward, the effect of the external antenna is more stable.

4. Power size: Shielders can generally be divided into low-power, medium-power, and high-power, and the power is between 3W-100W. When we recommend users to choose a mobile phone signal shield, it will be based on the area to be shielded.

5. Shielding range: The shielding range is proportional to the power. Generally, the test room uses more low-power signal shields. One classroom is enough to install one, and the shielding range is about 200 square meters; while the high-power shields, The shielding distance can reach 300-400 meters, depending on the local field strength.

6. Volume: Generally speaking, the smaller one is hand-held and portable. It is relatively small in size and easy to carry; the low-power desktop is generally not very large, similar to a small notebook computer; the high-power one is It is relatively bulky, and the volume of the drag box is very large.

7. Power supply: The built-in lithium battery is used in the hand, and the power adapter can be used to charge it after the power is used up; the desktop examination room uses 220V voltage power supply, and the car is generally 12-36V voltage power supply.

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