How to choose and buy the right signal jammer

How to choose and buy the right signal jammer

When choosing to buy a cell phone signal jammer, you must choose to buy it based on the actual situation in your area. Because the application scenarios of each mobile phone signal jammer are different:

From a simple application scenario, signal jammers are divided into two types: indoor and outdoor. The actual output and interference signal power of indoor signal jammers are smaller than those of outdoor signal jammers, but the corresponding research and development costs are also lower. It will be different. Therefore, when choosing to purchase, you need to choose according to the type of area you are in. If it is a small or medium-sized indoor area (such as classrooms; examination rooms; offices; conference rooms; lounges; bathrooms, etc.), and the actual area is about 100 square meters, only You just need to choose a small indoor signal jammer.

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If it is used in large indoor areas and outdoor open areas with complex structures, it is best to choose a certain number of cellular deployments combining small signal jammers for sale and large signal jammers for coverage. Small signal jammers can be deployed in areas where it is impossible to The covered area serves as a supplementary purpose, so that the signal in the area can be completely shielded reasonably.

However, if it is an outdoor area such as a warehouse square, auditorium, conference venue, etc., only a large signal jammer is needed.

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