How to choose a portable frequency jammer?

How to choose a portable frequency jammer?

Customers consult and purchase a signal jammer. Because of their own use requirements, the first requirement is to consult and purchase a portable frequency jammer. In fact, before recommending the most suitable portable frequency jammer produced by topsignaljammer Technology Co., Ltd., the customer There are often some problems in use that have not been clarified. What are the problems that need to be clarified before the sale of the signal jammer?

First of all, customers need to know clearly: the usage scenarios of portable frequency jammers and the requirements for the size of the device. The so-called portable signal jammers have different sizes. For example, we have a hand-held signal jammer, the size of which is similar to a conventional civil walkie-talkie, but we also have a high-power signal jammer of a tow box type or a trolley box type, which can be directly dragged for action or transfer equipment, so Also known as a portable frequency jammer.

In fact, the customer needs to clarify the target shielding effect that they need to achieve, that is, how much area they hope that the purchased signal jammer can cover. This will involve the selection of the transmit power of the recommended portable frequency jammer with its built-in shielding module.

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Furthermore, customers are required to inform which signals need to be shielded and interfered with. Only after the target signal type is determined, then we can recommend a suitable signal signal jammer and configure a suitable shielding module.

Finally, customers are also more concerned about the price of portable frequency jammers. Generally speaking, signal jammers that are small in size, light in weight and can be carried around are all low-power models. The device cost of such products is not high and the accessories are also cheap, so the final price is within a few thousand yuan. . If the customer needs a high-power model with a wide coverage of shielding letters and a long interference distance, the budget prepared is at least tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan.

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