How to choose a full-band signal jammer that suits you?

How to choose a full-band signal jammer that suits you?

There are many kinds of signal shielding equipment on the market today. This kind of equipment is called a full-screen segment signal jammer. Everyone also calls it a cell phone signal jammer, a signal blocker, a signal jammer, a wifi signal jammer, etc., a full-screen segment signal jammer. The working mode of the jammer is determined by the power of the sound wave emitted.

The emitted signal can form a shielding space in a spherical or fan-shaped manner for all signals in a specific space, so that mobile phones and other communication equipment lose the link with the base station. . After the full-band signal jammer is turned on, the signal will be directly blocked after the 3-second startup time has passed, thus achieving the effect of forcibly prohibiting use.

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Full-band signal jammers can be used in various examination rooms, conference halls, gas stations, prison cells and other places, and full-band signal jammers in examination rooms are the most common ones. Candidates who have passed the test are connected to full-band signal jammers, which is also to ensure that the sector test is fair and reasonable.

What is the actual effect of the full-band signal jammer on interference signals? How to choose a full-band signal jammer that suits you?

Nowadays, those formal examination rooms and classrooms generally only need to install a full-band signal jammer to effectively interfere with all signals in the area, and the effect is very helpful. The signal shielding equipment is generally installed on the podium, and some are installed in the middle of the fixed area on the classroom roof.

The full-band signal jammer will have a maximum shielding range, and the actual effect needs to be determined based on the actual site effects around the examination room, as well as the signal strength of the examination room and whether a true signal booster is installed. If a signal amplifier is installed in the examination room, a high-power full-band signal jammer needs to be replaced.

In multi-purpose halls such as those in universities, you can choose to assemble full-band signal jammers before, around and around the classroom to obtain better shielding effects.

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