How to boost the output power of the signal jammer

How to boost the output power of the signal jammer

The cell phone jammer should protect the signal received by the cell phone from the base station and be attenuated when encountering obstacles. If it is a block-reinforced concrete wall, the attenuation after penetration is very important. If it is made of plasterboard, the attenuation should be lower. Basically, if it's glass or wood, there won't be much attenuation. Today, tells you how to log in to your cell phone. The signal jammer becomes stronger.


Step 1: Take a used pot, clean it and remove the ring

Step 2: Cut a ring at the bottom of the water tank as shown in the photo to remove the entire bottom. No need to cut the bottom

Step 3: Make a cut ring on the top of the water tank as shown in the picture. Be careful not to cut everything. Keep the 1-2cm part you don't want to cut, and the 1-2cm part should be close to the mouth of the box.

Step 4: Draw a red line vertically on the back as shown in the picture and cut the iron sheet along the center of the red line

Step 5: Slowly roll out the cut iron sheet into a fan shape

Step 6: Place the finished fan-shaped iron shell on the Texin portable gsm jammer antenna. As shown in the figure, many antennas can be made of 2-3 identical iron shells.

Due to limited materials, we only made one sheet of iron sheet. The best is to earn 2-3 yuan. Then install and fix the cell phone signal jammer on the wall to double the transmission effect and enhance the penetration effect.

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