How to avoid being tracked by GPS

How to avoid being tracked by GPS

Signal location technology is becoming more and more mature. Nowadays, people's phones and cars are easily tracked and positioned and privacy is seriously harmed. If targeted by criminals, they are even more dangerous and even lead to security issues. Here are some tips to prevent your phone from being tracked.

1. When our car was forced to install a GPS locator, the criminals easily informed us of their whereabouts, which had a serious impact on our privacy and security. The GPS locator continuously sends messages to allow the other party to collect their location information. One of the easiest ways is to install a GPS shield on our car so that the other party cannot collect information from the GPS locator located on the car. It is impossible to track our location.

2. Criminals can also locate our mobile phone and position it using GPS, WIFI and base stations. These positioning methods are collected by different frequency information sent by the mobile phone and then positioned by the other party. Our location However, now there is a function in the market: every powerful information jammer can block all information sent by the mobile phone, such as GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G, WIFI, etc. Once these signals are blocked, the other party cannot locate us. The location is gone.

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3. The technology of private cars and mobile phones is more and more developed, and now we will install many different software functions in the car or mobile phone. It also gives criminals a chance to sneak into our car or cell phone to install tracking software, so that we can easily get our location information. Especially for mobile phones, after the tracking software is tracked, even if we turn off the phone, the other party can still get our location information. This is a very serious danger to our property and our personal safety.

At this time, choose a powerful car GPS jammer, it can protect all information, so that the other party cannot tell us our location information, thus protecting our security.

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