How to assemble a mobile phone signal jammer for the best effect?

How to assemble a mobile phone signal jammer for the best effect?

When we go to some areas in our daily life, our mobile phones will suddenly lose signal, unable to access the Internet, send text messages, or even make calls. What's the problem? In fact, this is to install a cell phone signal jammer in a specific area. But do you know how to maximize the effectiveness of mobile phone signal jammers?

In our daily work, customers often ask us what kind of environment can we assemble the best mobile phone signal jammer. Why sometimes the mobile phone signal jammer does not have the effect, or the effect is relatively poor? ?Actually, this has something to do with the surrounding environment where you use the mobile phone signal jammer. So under what circumstances would installing a mobile phone signal jammer be less effective?

1. The penetration power of the surrounding environment of the mobile phone signal jammer used is relatively poor.

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2. There is a base station near the mobile phone signal jammer used, and the latter base station is relatively close.

3. There is a mobile phone signal amplifier near the applied mobile phone signal jammer.

Various environmental factors will cause the signal jammer for sale to be less effective when used. Moreover, current cell phone signal jammers all use technology that does not affect the rise (base station). This will not affect the use of mobile phones by people near the application, but it also increases the environmental requirements of the cell phone signal jammer. Now topsignaljammer signal jammer teaches you how to test the signal level of nearby mobile phones.

Android phone system mobile phone: Free download the Signal Manager APP -40~-50: The base station is next to or on the roof of the building; -50~-60: There is a base station or signal amplifier nearby; -60~-70: Signal Excellent; -70~-80: The signal is slightly weak; -80~-90: The signal is weak; -90~-100: Basically communication is possible; within -100, there is no signal. The signal jammer of topsignaljammer can be assembled by referring to these symbols.

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