How does the UAV jammer countermeasure system counteract the "black flying" UAV?

How does the UAV jammer countermeasure system counteract the "black flying" UAV?

Unmanned aerial vehicle "black fly" leave frequently, some people maliciously use it to illegally take pictures, and some people illegally transport items. If it falls, the consequences can be imagined. In order to strengthen the control of drones, laws and regulations are constantly being improved. In addition, defensive countermeasures in the area are also necessary. Here, the "black flight" can be prevented by means of the UAV jammer countermeasure system. How does the UAV jammer countermeasure system achieve countermeasures for "black flying" UAVs?

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Compared with the slow and slow UAVs, the use of suppressive radio jamming and deception jamming is the fastest, most effective and the lowest cost technical means. The drone jammer countermeasure system uses wireless signals to suppress the remote control signal link, data transmission signal and GPS navigation signal of illegal drones, so that the drone is out of control and cannot continue to fly according to the operator's instructions. Usually, the main frequency bands of consumer civilian drones are 1.5GHz, 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz, these three frequency bands. In principle, as long as the amplitude of the radio suppression signal is strong enough and the frequency can completely cover the frequency of satellite navigation, then the drone will lose the ability to automatically navigate.

Because the frequency points of UAV communication data and navigation signals are public, the UAV jammer countermeasure system only needs to create a frequency band with the same frequency point and a high enough amplitude to achieve the suppression effect. For this reason, this simple and crude technique is often the most effective.

The realization goal of anti-drone:

1. UAVs outside the protected area cannot enter;

2. UAVs in the protected area cannot take off;

3. Combining jamming equipment and induction equipment to capture drones;


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The correct process for anti-drone:

1. Resolutely do not allow drones to enter the protected area, especially within the visible range;

2. Drive away, force-land, and capture drones that occasionally penetrate;

The correct application of anti-drone:

1. Use high-power signal transmission: take the protection zone as the center, and require a coverage radius greater than 500 meters;

2. Omni-directional antenna is used to transmit: the equipment does not need to send special personnel to be on duty at close range;

3. Interference signals in some frequency bands are continuously transmitted, such as: L1 induction signal of GPS (clearly mark the protection zone as a no-fly zone). Some interference signals are selectively transmitted, such as UAV flight control frequency band signals, GPS/Beidou/Galileo/GLONASS L2 navigation signals, wireless image transmission signals, etc.

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