How does the 5G mobile phone signal jammer prevent man-made sabotage?

How does the 5G mobile phone signal jammer prevent man-made sabotage?

Whenever the college entrance examination, high school entrance examination, or college English test CET-4 and CET-6, the 5G mobile phone signal jammer, as an important weapon to maintain the fairness of the test, ensure the stability of the test room and prevent candidates from cheating, will work throughout the entire test process. However, there are still a small number of people who, out of personal desires, try to avoid the protective measures in the examination room, and even resort to some extreme destructive behaviors. So how can the 5G mobile phone signal jammer prevent man-made sabotage?

Usually, during various types of examinations, when the competent unit of the examination uses the 5G mobile phone signal jammer, there are two ways. The first is to use a desktop interference device and distribute it to the invigilator before the examination or distribute it to Each test room will be recycled after the test is over. This method will bring some problems: the process of distributing and recycling 5G mobile phone signal jammers is time-consuming and laborious, and the installation and use are relatively casual. Some invigilators place the devices directly on the podium, while others place them On a stool or on the ground, because the interference device must be powered on to use it, it is necessary to use an AC power cord to connect the main unit of the device to the power socket, so this method is very irregular. There is also a very important point: in the process of frequently issuing and recycling 5G mobile phone signal jammers, there will inevitably be damage and damage to the equipment.

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Another way is to use a wall-mounted 5G mobile phone signal jammer, which means that the interference device is installed in the test classroom in advance, and only needs to be turned on when the test starts. This installation method is more standardized and safe, and since the installation height will be slightly higher than the upper edge of the blackboard, it is more effective in preventing man-made damage.

From the analysis of the methods of artificially destroying the 5G mobile phone signal jammer, the most common ways of destruction are: unplugging the antenna of the interfering device, unplugging the power cord of the interfering device or the network cable for network communication, etc. In order to effectively prevent these damage methods, the current mainstream 5G mobile phone signal jammers basically adopt the method of built-in antenna, that is, the device is made into a whole shell and installed closed, and the antenna can no longer be directly accessed from the outside. And the SMa-818B5 5G mobile phone signal jammer specially designed by Nanjing Bokang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. for the examination room environment has achieved the purpose of concentrating the switches, power lines, network communication lines, etc. of the equipment in a concealed installation box Inner, which makes the level of protection against vandalism has been further improved!

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