How does a cell phone signal jammer work?

How does a cell phone signal jammer work?

Today's smart technology is getting faster and faster, providing a lot of benefits to the daily lives of many ordinary people, especially the qualitative improvement of communication methods. Nowadays, sending messages, playing videos, sending voice calls, talking on the phone, and watching short videos have become our rigid needs, accounting for almost most of our time. However, improvements in communication technology have provided benefits to everyone, but they have also created many problems. For example, this situation also occurs in some unique places where online photos and applications cannot be taken, so network information security issues will occur more or less. So how can we avoid network information security problems?

In fact, this method is very simple. There is currently a device on the market that can effectively block and affect the wireless signal of a specific area. It can make mobile phones and other communication equipment temporarily ineffective. When we make a call using a mobile phone in a designated area, it will prompt that the mobile phone cannot be connected temporarily, the network will indicate that the network connection has timed out, and when sending a message, it will indicate that the push failed. What is the name of such a mysterious device?

cell phone jammer

You may have seen this kind of equipment. It's called a cell phone signal jammer. Also known as shielding, mobile phone shielding, signal shielding, mobile phone signal shielding, mobile phone signal shielding, mobile phone signal shielding, mobile phone isolation, mobile phone disconnection, mobile communication technology signal shielding, mobile phone signal shielding, signal interference, mobile phone shielding, signal shielding, It can analyze the uplink and downlink signals from the mobile phone using new technologies such as local overclocking, audio divider, frame skip filtering, etc., and influence it according to the number of times it needs to be blocked. The mobile phone signal jammer uses the number of times it is analyzed to A special area is designed to automatically generate a shielded electromagnetic field to block signals, so that mobile phones, PHS, China Mobile, China Unicom, and CDMA-China Telecom will lose signals in the specific area.

When the signal blocker is activated, it can effectively disable the communication and phone functions in a specific area, making it impossible to make calls and receive mobile phones, and has the function of forced isolation.

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