How can car frequency jammers be protected from electromagnetic radiation?

How can car frequency jammers be protected from electromagnetic radiation?

When the vehicle-mounted frequency jammer completes the entire vehicle modification and the assembly and debugging of the frequency jammer, some customers will ask the following question: when the vehicle-mounted frequency jammer is working normally in the future, after all, this is a set of high-power The radio frequency transmitting device will inevitably have a certain intensity of electromagnetic radiation, so how should the electromagnetic radiation protection measures for the drivers and passengers in the car be considered?

It is understandable for customers to worry about this. For a high-power vehicle-mounted frequency jammer, the radio frequency power emitted by the vehicle-mounted antenna on the top and each frequency band are at least tens of watts. large electromagnetic radiation. If the driver and passengers are in the environment of close-range, high-intensity electromagnetic radiation for a long time (for several hours), it will have adverse health effects on the human body.

However, because the modified vehicle used by the vehicle-mounted frequency jammer is made of steel plate or other metal material, the characteristics of this material will produce great attenuation and reflection effects on the transmission of radio frequency. The electromagnetic radiation intensity received by the drivers and passengers under the antenna has been greatly reduced, and the protection effect of the human body inside the vehicle will be significantly better than that outside the vehicle (around the vehicle).

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From the perspective of strengthening the protection measures against electromagnetic radiation of the vehicle frequency jammer, there are usually several methods that can be used:

1. For the antenna lodging system on the roof, when the structure is modified, the entire metal bottom plate is preset in advance to strengthen the isolation of the antenna transmitter of the vehicle frequency interference from the signal in the vehicle;

2. All drivers and passengers who participate in and use this set of vehicle-mounted frequency jammers will be issued a set of electromagnetic radiation protective clothing;

3. The main structure of the vehicle carrier used to modify the vehicle frequency jammer is a metal structure, which has a certain effect of radiation isolation, but because there are weak areas such as window glass, it is recommended to give the vehicle The window glass is covered with anti-radiation film, and anti-radiation curtains can also be installed on the inside of the window.

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