How 5g signal jammer works

How 5g signal jammer works

The working principle of the 5g signal jammer is to emit signal source equipment with the same type of frequency as the mobile signal source. After installing the device, turn on the 5g signal jammer and place it in a disabled mobile signal area. Make sure that there are no obstructions on the site and the interference will be successful. Nowadays, the number of mobile phone users is increasing day by day, so there is a need to disable mobile phone signals in specific locations by becoming civilian compared to electronic devices.

A 5g jammer is an instrument used to protect cellular phones from receiving signals. Cell phone signal blocking equipment modems have the same rate signals as cell towers. When the mobile phone signal is disabled when the mobile phone jammer is activated, the blocking is considered successful.

A mobile phone is a full-duplex device and can use two frequencies at the same time. One is speaking and the other is listening. Process signals synchronously. Some 5G signal jammers can only block one of them at the same time, which will cause both to be blocked because the phone thinks there is no service in this area because it can only get one of the frequencies.

5G signal blocker

5g signal jammers emit on the same radio frequency. The shielding effect device disrupted communications between mobile phones and the tower's base station. Blocking is also known as a denial of service attack because it denies radio signals to users within range of the blocking device.

The principle of cutting off mobile phones has the same 4G/5G shielding effect as other types of radio communications. To use a cell phone, a signal is sent from the cell phone to the cell phone signal. A city has several towers. As a phone user moves through an area, signals are carried from one tower to another.

The working principles of common signal blockers on the market.

There are many types of 5g signal jammers now. Some devices can only block a single frequency, while some devices can block multiple types of networks at the same time. The latter mode automatically switches between different networks, looking for open signals. Higher-end devices can block all frequencies at once, while other devices can tune to specific frequencies.

Simply put, they randomly emit static or noise, over a wide range of frequencies, and such a device doesn't connect as well as it should. It's like sitting next to the engine of a sports car, opening the hood, and talking to someone on the phone. The localized noise becomes so intense that the device cannot connect properly. Rapidly covering a range of frequencies can effectively prevent a device from functioning properly.

The carrier frequency of the EMI signal it sends is the same as the carrier frequency, so the receiving end simultaneously demodulates the interference signal to the receiver and amplifier. This is just like the model (carrier frequency) of a transport vehicle and a transport fake (such as an interference signal). Only when the vehicle receives the goods can the real fake be produced. The electronic interference power is large enough and is limited by the interference signal, so the shielding effect can be achieved.

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