High power cell phone jammer to ensure security

High power cell phone jammer to ensure security

Today, cell phones are one of the most popular methods of communication in the world. However, people are concerned about the possible effects of the radiation they emit. Additionally, cell phones can affect the functioning of devices, such as pacemakers and ECG recorders, and as a result, doctors can misdiagnose. In places like oil fields and gas stations, the use of cell phones can cause explosions. In prisons, criminals who communicate via cell phones can do illegal things.

It's time to protect yourself from unnecessary noise! With a cell phone jammer, you can create a quiet environment anytime. In addition, our privacy is greatly affected by mobile phones, which is why we need special tools to protect ourselves. As cell phones interfere with our privacy and our conversations.

The cell phone jammer blocks the communication between the phone and its base station. Once turned on, all nearby cell phones will stop working normally because the signal transmission between the cell phone and its base station will be blocked. Cell phone signal jammers are typically installed in conference rooms, libraries, churches, cinemas, theaters, hospitals, gas stations, and other places where silence is required. Low power cell phone jammers cannot effectively turn off cell phone signals in these places. High power cell phone jammers are the perfect tool to eliminate damage and other consequences caused by cell phones.

Compared with ordinary cell phone jammers, high power jammers are more advanced. Usually, high power cell phone jammers are equipped with antennas, allowing you to adjust the shielding range according to your needs. Besides, high power cell phone jammers are more user-friendly and easy to operate, while ordinary cell phone jammers should be installed in the surveillance area. It should be pointed out that the inverter and battery will save high power cell phone jammers to protect and prevent main power failure, while normal cell phone jammers have no backup and therefore consume power. In addition, the high power portable wifi jammer is controlled by remote control system, which means authorized personnel can control the operation.

Sometimes the phone still has a signal when the jammer is working. Why is it.

The first is that the mobile phone can be connected. If the cellphone can connect with the phone normally, it means that the shielding area has not been effectively protected and there is leakage. If you are near the mobile phone, there will be no signal, indicating that there is a base station or signal booster at your location, and then you are as before The protection products used cannot not meet your on-site protection requirements, you can install more powerful equipment.

The second is that the mobile phone cannot be connected. If so, it means the mobile phone is in critical condition. Such things will happen to mobile phones with strong anti-interference and high sensitivity.

The third is that the mobile phone seems to have a signal, but it is a false signal and the call cannot be made. It depends on the strength of the local signal. The shielding distance will be reduced if the signal is strong, and the shielding distance will be longer if the signal is weak.

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