Features of RF signal jammers

Features of RF signal jammers

We design and manufacture a wide range of deterrent devices. The transmission of a specific radio / satellite station is interrupted. It consists of a power supply with an optional remote control to meet your needs. Real-life portable radio frequency signal jammer are used to jam the frequency of telephones. Enemy gadgets within a radius will be disabled for a few seconds at startup. It can also be used in the car. Various means can be adopted. Achieved by high output signal transmission operating at the same frequency as mobile phones.

2 Bands Portable GPS L1 L2 Jammers Anti Tracking Protection

Interfering devices can interrupt bidirectional communication between the telephone and the base station. This device can also be used to prevent espionage such as images and sounds. Smartphone jammers are used in movie theaters, theaters and other cultural institutions. Guarantees a resting environment. The effective range is affected by the strength of the power supply and the environment in which it is used. There is a switch that allows the user to select the frequency required for interference. Provides a long range.

It is prohibited to intentionally or maliciously interfere with wireless communication. You can use jammers to prevent external communication. You can block audio and image transmission from the phone. Deployed for security. It is also widely deployed in facilities such as prisons and military facilities. We guarantee quality, reliability and effectiveness. The wifi jammer is specially designed and created for your specific application.

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