Examination room mobile phone signal jammer

Examination room mobile phone signal jammer

The mobile phone signal jammers used in the examination room generally use the appearance of built-in antennas, which will not create psychological pressure on the candidates in the examination room, but also play a beautiful role. It is the most used instrument in the standardized examination room, and the machine is controlled at 4W per channel. standard safety. So it has no effect on people. The coverage of a machine is about 10-200㎡ (depending on the distance of the signal source), the penetration ability of the machine is weak, and it is only suitable for open spaces or classrooms.

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Test room mobile phone signal jammer parameters:

3. Electrical parameters of the mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room

The shielding radius is 5-20 meters (depending on the network conditions of each operator in the required shielding place)
Working power AC220V 50Hz

Working environment temperature -30℃-55℃

Relative humidity <80%RH

Atmospheric pressure 85-106KPa

Equipment size 380mm*260mm*80mm

Equipment net weight 2.6Kg

Slow start time 3 seconds

30 seconds to complete the blocking time

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