Everyone usually has poor mobile phone signal, so why do you need a backpack signal jammer?

Everyone usually has poor mobile phone signal, so why do you need a backpack signal jammer?

Every day we use mobile phones to find signals, why do we need a backpack signal jammer? In fact, there are two aspects of this fact. For those who can use mobile phones, of course, it is hoped that the stronger the mobile phone signal, the better. However, for prisoners, secret units and other special places, of course, it is necessary to effectively block the mobile phone signal in order to do a good job of security and absolute confidentiality.

Take the prison as an example. For the prisoners detained here, it is a must to keep contact with the outside world. Otherwise, how to accept the transformation with peace of mind? In addition, without a mobile phone signal, even if you have a mobile phone in your hand, you cannot communicate with the outside world. Contact, reducing the occurrence of inappropriate things such as escape.

However, there are still many staff members in the prison. They need to have normal contact with the outside world and accept the leadership of higher-level units. Their external contact is a must, and this is also their right. Here, the use of a backpack signal blocker can effectively and targetedly block the mobile phone signal in the area that should be shielded, such as a prison cell, etc. In addition, the signal in other places can be normal.

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For some enterprises and institutions that require a high degree of confidentiality, it is also necessary to selectively block mobile phone signals to open some signal areas and close the signals of some areas, so as to prevent the occurrence of secret theft incidents. Although the use of piggyback signal blocker is a small-scale market demand, this market cannot be ignored, and shielding work must be done to ensure the normal operation of this mechanism.
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When the mobile phone is in normal communication, it will convert all the operations on the mobile phone into data, and then transmit the data through electromagnetic waves.

The electromagnetic wave associates the mobile phone with the signal base station within a certain frequency range, and then completes the data conversion and transmission through a specific baud rate and modulation method, and the signal base station and the signal base station are connected through optical fiber or microwave circuits to realize networking .


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The coverage of the signal base station is limited. If you are just at the edge of the coverage, there will be a weakening of the signal.

Mobile phone signal jammers are generally connected by intercepting electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones and signal base stations. The communication between the mobile phone and the signal base station was interrupted.

The signal jammer will emit random static or noise in a wide frequency range, making it impossible for devices close to the jammer to connect to the signal base station, such as the engine of a sports car is started, and then you are on the phone next to it. The local noise is strong enough that the device cannot connect normally, effectively blocking the normal operation of the mobile phone signal.

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