Educational institutions have become a major user of mobile jammers

Educational institutions have become a major user of mobile jammers

At the time of the press, the joint inspection group had fully checked the four test centers. "There are six test sites in the city of test equipment monitoring, sending a line of cell phone jammer to a detailed inspection to ensure they work properly." Liang yuping, market and quality supervision agency law enforcement. Responsible person. "No obvious anomalies have been found," Liang Yupin said, waiting until June 6, and the joint inspection group also said, "Not only is part of the equipment inspection site still fully installed? , To prevent missing checks, "he said, and plans to review the six test sites again. Liang Yupin said

The new education law and higher education law, which were revised at the end of last year, are intensifying the impact on national misconduct, including clear copies of national education exams such as cheat sheets and various misconduct. Canceled exam qualifications or outcomes can, in severe cases, be "banned" for one to three years, even by administrative sanctions against public security and criminal investigations.

So what are these devices for? Reporters found xuhong, the deputy director of the school's Center for Modern Education and Technology. Mr. Xu Hiroshi told the students about these devices after giving his speculations and opinions. In his regret, he told reporters: "Maybe we're in a hurry and haven't come yet. Our students specifically explain the purpose of these devices. They are used to build standardized test rooms. It is not normally used and is not used to monitor students. "

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Prisons are also becoming a major user of jammers

It's difficult to stop the drone. "Technical solutions for detecting and destroying drones are still in their infancy," Rosenstein said, saying the Justice Department is supporting regulatory changes that facilitate the deployment of blocking technologies and 4G signal blocker. I added.

According to the statement, the Federal Bureau of Prisons has tested "microjamming" technology at the Federal Correctional Facility in Cumberland. Authorities wanted to test whether the system could interfere with devices in a particular cell.

Canada, like many countries, has the problem of contraband in prisons. Due to the increasing invasion of prisoners into mobile phones, we are considering the use of mobile phone jammers in correctional facilities to prevent the execution of criminal rings from inside.

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