Each exam room will have a cell phone signal jammer

Each exam room will have a cell phone signal jammer

When we were in high school, the school opened the gan'rao cell phone in the classroom during midterm and final exams to prevent fraud. It is usually when the exam is the stage where we accept the learning outcomes and examine the knowledge so that we can learn the knowledge so that we can apply the knowledge well, consolidate the knowledge and improve the skills. The jammer is turned on to allow for fair competition so that we cannot cheat the basics of integrity from an early age.

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The more we research the promotion, the more contact we have with the exam. Examinations are becoming more and more important, especially in all important qualifying exams in universities. The exam is our certification and understanding of the exam, enabling us to master future professional skills.

In China, the demand for English proficiency and skills is relatively high, so certifications for cet4 and cet6 tests have been opened. By passing these two certification exams, students will have more job opportunities in the future, as many companies pay more attention to English skills and abilities. Therefore, on the one hand, many universities attach great importance to these two exams, on the one hand, they protect the future career development plans of students, and on the other hand, they also help to increase the school employment rate. . In such a context, the importance of these reviews cannot be mistaken. In order to avoid fraud, the relevant institutions will send teachers to supervise the exams. With the advent of signal jammer, not only teacher supervision was organized, but the signal jammer was activated during these tests. The use of such protective devices may prohibit the use of electronic devices (such as cell phones).

Use cell phone jammers to avoid cheating on exams. There are many talents that have to pass strict tests, especially the national civil service exam requirements, which absolutely prohibits fraud. It is important not to let this undermine the sincerity of those appearing in major state institutions.

Do you have any experience in cheating? Yes, almost everyone has this idea. In the information age, fraud techniques appear to be more complex and fraud on electronic devices (such as mobile phones) is common practice. In order to prevent students from cheating on cell phones, schools equipped with cell phone jammers block cell phone signals.

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