Do you want to consider lightning protection for the newly installed 5G jammer?

Do you want to consider lightning protection for the newly installed 5G jammer?

A customer recently purchased a batch of 5G signal jammer and asked whether lightning protection and lightning protection measures should be considered when installing these 5G jammers.

The 5G jammer is the same as the old signal jammer in the past. Regarding the lightning protection measures, it can be viewed in the following situations:

1. When the 5G jammer is installed indoors, there is basically no need to consider the lightning protection measures of the 5G signal jammer separately. It is only necessary to ensure that the power supply circuit of the 5G jammer is connected normally. There are three types of lines on the AC power line with zero fire ground. need to be stable and reliable;

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2. When the 5G jammer is installed outdoors, if it is installed against the outer wall of the building, it is usually installed on both sides of the window on the outer wall and within the drip line of the roof eaves. In this case, there is basically no need to consider it separately. Lightning protection of 5G signal jammers, because the roof of the building itself has taken effective lightning protection measures;

3. The 5G jammer is installed outdoors, but it is installed at an elevated level or installed on the roof of a street light pole or building. 5G jammers, especially high-power 5G signal jammers, have a certain height of the antenna itself. Benchmark, look around, when the 5G jammer and its antenna are the only high point in the area, it is necessary to consider additional lightning protection measures.

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