Do different types of jammers have the same effect?

Do different types of jammers have the same effect?

Use it on your smartphone every day. It has many functions. This is a very practical and important project for parents and children. There are many problems with civilization in public places. You must use a cellphone WiFi jammer in public places. There are many ways to block signals from people around you. The best option is to buy a jammer.

WLAN interference has many functions. We use the latest technology to create the best quality products. Zoning GSM / CDMA / AMPS / DCS / PHS / 3G / 4G (WCDMA, TD-SCDMA and CDMA2000) cellular signal shielding, can set various wireless communication devices to prevent communication, and can be set according to the damage to ensure that the Device leaves the enclosed area, compromising the safety of other electronic devices and wireless signaling devices required for 3G work, allowing you to resume normal use without the 4G cell phone jammerr and human body.

Handheld Cell Phone Signal Blocker Jamming CDMA GSM 3G WIFI2.4G GPSL1

Is the effect of GSM cell phone jammers and CDMA cell phone jammers the same? The problem is very good. Since the interference suppression performance of CDMA cell phones is much better than that of GSM cell phones, the signal interference of the shielding distance of CDMA cell phones is smaller than that of GSM cell phones, but the difference is about 20 to 40 meters. It is not. However, it may be necessary to increase the number of signal interferers in the mobile phone in order to ensure the shielding effect of CDMA mobile phones against radio interference. This has caught the attention of users in a few particularly important places.

Can a business, organization, or school block the phone signal? Is it legal It was found that workers in the production workshop did not have cell phone signals during working hours. Install drone jammers to concentrate production and staff. Recently, company executives admitted trying to use signal shielding techniques to regulate workforce production control. The main purpose of this method is to promote safe production and ensure the work efficiency of employees. Companies can set up landline telephones so as not to interfere with the operation of the emergency contacts and operate using these landline telephones in an emergency.

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