Discussion on 5G

Discussion on 5G

There's a lot of talk here about the spectrum that 5G technology will use. With the official release of the first 5G-NR standard, network operators around the world are conducting trials with a view to commercializing it within the next 2-3 years. Different countries have proposed and are studying from 600 MHz to 7

United States: The United States is leading the way in 5G R&D. On the lower end of the spectrum, they use the 600 MHz (2 x 35 MHz) band, the 3100-3550 MHz band, and the 3700-4200 MHz band. At the high end of the spectrum, they use the 27.5 – 28.35 GHz band and the 37 – 40 GHz band. Mobile operators in the US have already tested these bands. The FCC has also opened up the 64-71 GHz spectrum for 5G, however, there has not been much activity in this band yet. Click here to view U.S. 5G spectrum allocations.

Europe: EU countries use both low and high frequency bands in initial 5G tracking. In the lower frequency band they use the 3400-3800 MHz band, and in the higher frequency band they use the 24.25-27.5 GHz band. Click here to view national 5G spectrum allocations in Europe.

China: In China, trials are underway in the 3300-3600 MHz band, possibly in the 4400 – 4500 MHz and 4800 – 4990 MHz bands. On higher frequencies, China is considering using the 24.25 – 27.5 GHz band and the 37 – 43.5 GHz band.

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Japan: They are looking into using 3600-4200 MHz and 4400-4900 MHz of spectrum in the lower bands and 27.5-28.28 GHz in the higher bands.

South Korea: South Korea is one of the first countries to carry out 5G technology research and development, with the goal of launching 5G technology during the 2018 Winter Olympics in February 2018. Although they have not yet launched commercially, they have made significant progress in the commercialization of 5G technology. technology. They are currently conducting trials in the 26.5 – 29.5 GHz frequency band.

With the introduction of 5G technology, 5G signal jammer are also applied, which can block 5G signals and are very useful.

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