Disadvantages of Detecting Frequency Sweep Electronic Jammer First Sweep Frequency and Then Interference

Disadvantages of Detecting Frequency Sweep Electronic Jammer First Sweep Frequency and Then Interference

1. For the actual combat scene of bomb disposal and EOD, the electronic shielding device using the detection frequency sweep method first scans the suspicious frequency points and then starts the interference signal to suppress. There is a time difference. Once the suppression of the remote control signal is not immediate, the consequences are extremely serious.

2. Also for the EOD site, the current remote control technology can achieve wide-band frequency hopping or multi-frequency remote control. Once there is a multi-frequency and frequency-hopping wireless frequency band, the electronic shielding device that detects the frequency sweeping method is scanning. The bandwidth of the interference signal output after the frequency will be widened, and the shielding or interference suppression distance will be greatly reduced.

3. For the application of anti-terrorism scenarios, if terrorists use mobile phone communication during communication, or use mobile phone to detonate remotely, etc., the scanning method of electronic shielding device with detection frequency scanning method cannot achieve all identification and discovery for mobile phones. Even if all the shielding modules are manually turned on, its bandwidth will be stretched too wide, and the shielding distance will be close to 0. Everyone understands: the current mobile phone frequency is from 700MH-4900MH, and there will be 6G in the future...

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4. Some people propose to adopt the electronic signal jammer of the detection frequency sweep method. The total number of broadband power amplifiers and power amplifiers used is small. When interference is required, only the corresponding frequency band needs to be selected for power amplifier output. In this way, the electronic shielding The power consumption of the device is less. However, in actual combat applications, the power consumption of the power supply is not worth mentioning compared to preventing a terrorist incident. The prevention of terrorism is of course the most important thing to ensure the safety of life!

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