Digital in the 21st century cannot do without jammers

Digital in the 21st century cannot do without jammers

As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, digital seems to have completely occupied our lives, and we may feel that we are simply reduced to a series of signals. Signals have even replaced our language. On a more rigorous point of view, due to so much communication between us, people and organizations have long been studying various types of signal jammers to eliminate noise and limit the propagation of noise. Although there are many types of signals, the operation of the signal scrambler is actually very simple. Once you know the frequency of the target signal, you can overload the signal by sending your own stronger signal. If you want to target not only a device, but in signal traffic in general, the interference / relay antenna of the base station is pointed towards you (for example, cell phone jammers are used in public places to remain silent). The greater the distance, the greater the power required to overwhelm it. If the signal jumps, please cover a certain frequency range to cover a wider range of signal damage. Sometimes, like drone jammer, the jamming signal needs to be tightly focused in a specific direction.

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The wars of the 21st century have become very dependent on real-time communications with troops of all sizes. It is therefore not surprising that every army has developed satellite jamming capabilities.

Satellite phone jammers mainly have two methods of jamming satellites. The first is for the uplink, the transmission is from the ground to the satellite. This can be done by generating an interference signal at the same specific frequency and directing it to the satellite, so that the satellite cannot distinguish between real communication and noise. The second option is to interrupt the downlink, which is the transmission from the satellite to the ground forces. By the same principle, the satellite jammer will produce noise of the target frequency, but in this case, the jamming unit will not direct the signal to the satellite, but will send a signal covering the ground area, and force it to the ground will wait for reception in this area Communication.

The basic jamming capability is very simple and does not require complicated processing (so the military will often accidentally interfere with its satellite communications). However, advanced satellite jammers can disrupt specific frequencies and frequency bands (for example, depending on which satellites they are going to interfere with) and allow operators to preset frequencies or run the GPS jammers in dynamic mode for interfere with interference from satellites. The communication range is wider.

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