Detailed introduction of GPS jammer

Detailed introduction of GPS jammer

1. Know the GPS Jammer

GPS jammers (jammers) can effectively prevent being tracked by GPS satellites, effectively interfere with GPS satellite signals, and protect your whereabouts privacy and information confidentiality.

2. The role of GPS jammer

GPS signals, like cell phone signals, are susceptible to interference from electronic devices. The signal blocker can block the signal within a certain range, so that all communication devices within the range lose the signal. Installing a GPS locator on the car allows car owners to easily find their car on the GPS monitoring platform. However, such good things have also been discovered by criminals. As long as you buy a signal shield on a treasure, turn it on when you steal the car, there is no signal on the car, the car goes off the line on the platform, it seems to be gone, but it can't be found anyway.

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3. Disadvantages of GPS locator

It has to be said that GPS jammers also have disadvantages for users. The signal jammer can only be opened temporarily, and it is impossible to open it forever. As long as he turns off the jammer, the GPS tracker will have a signal again, and the owner can quickly find the stolen vehicle based on the positioning information.

In addition to jammers, one might say use signal detectors to find and destroy GPS locators. Yes, this is also true, but this is only useful for some GPS devices. If the GPS locator is dormant most of the time, the signal detector cannot detect it. why?

For example, some ultra-long backup location GPS trackers have only one wake-up time a day. Soon after waking up, the car's location information is returned to the owner's mobile phone platform, and then it goes to sleep again. The one that is dormant doesn't have any signal. Thieves are trying to detect it. No way! Plus, there's no wireless installation, there's no wiring on the surface of the device, and it can be placed anywhere in the car (unless the signal isn't blocked). It's very stealthy and safe.

How to Use a GPS Jammer

GPS blockers can indeed block GPS signals, but they have drawbacks. It blocks all signals in the car! In other words, it is impossible for car thieves to use communication devices such as mobile phones around the car. If he can't find the GPS device and destroy it, he can only open the shield forever, otherwise, his whereabouts will be revealed sooner or later. Therefore, how to use the GPS shield should do the following:

1. You can use a GPS jammer on the return trip, so even if there are routines, don't be afraid.

2. Go back to your place, don't close it first, first find an auto repair shop for a major demolition. Make sure it is clean, and then close it.

3. For the sake of safety, a car can use the GPS jammer continuously for more than half a year. And make sure the GPS jammer works 24 hours a day.

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