Deploy drone jammers near vital humans

Deploy drone jammers near vital humans

“Drone Assassination” or why each VIP must guard themselves from drone assaults
Last Saturday (4 August) was the first actual strive by way of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (Nicolas Maduro) to assassinate a VIP the use of a drone with explosives (the picture below indicates President Maduro listening to the sky after the explosion).

The specific information are still tough, however one issue is apparent. As President Maduro spoke to hundreds of squaddies in Caracas, a drone ready with an improvised explosive device detonated close by. The cell telephone jammer can stumble on and forestall the drone,

It is understood that that is the primary actual attempt to use drones to assassinate VIPs. While such tries may be futile (because President Maduro survived), the destructive potential of bomb-wearing drones ought to hold security forces defensive their VIPs alert.


As many information are doubtful, an evaluation of the Maduro assassination is elaborate, but to the satisfactory of our knowledge we will say the subsequent:

1) A drone (in all likelihood a drone) may be in the area of the President and nobody has supplied any facts to indicate that there are drones or maybe drones within the area.

2) After listening to the explosion, the drone efficaciously added an improvised explosive tool. The length, weight and power of the improvised explosive device are not but regarded, but the explosion turned into a hit.

One can most effective consider what could take place if those drones exploded next to the President.
The GPS jammer is there and can be completely used. For and a 1/2 years, Phantom Technologies has supplied the Anti-Drone device (made by means of Phantom). The machine has two operational blessings:

1) UAV Detection: The first and maximum vital point is that the device presents expertise approximately UAVs from the air or virtually valuable information. Now, with the advancement of intelligence, we can decide what to do to verify this information. Known as “operational intelligence”.

2) The test is performed in 3 distinctive disciplines:
A man. RF-Detect RF alerts from drones up to a few-four kilometers in length.

Bay Radar pulse Doppler radar, can come across three-three.Five kilometers.
C. Thermal and low mild cameras for visible/optical inspections up to two kilometers long.

3) Respond by using jamming the drone's frequency.
Phantom Technologies has been developing anti-drone solutions for 4.5 years and has been shipping the gadget for the ultimate 2.5 years, giving the enterprise a real “on the floor” revel in.

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