Create a "zero" noise environment with jammers

Create a "zero" noise environment with jammers

It is very inappropriate to use mobile phones in many aspects of our lives, such as inspections and meetings. This time, you can not only confiscate your early cell phone, but also use your cell phone's signal blocking device. The Wi-Fi signal is shielded, there is no cell phone signal and you cannot access the internet. You don't have to play with your mobile phone and you get the results you expect.

Handheld Portable GPS Jammer Blocks GSM 3G 4G WiFi Frequency

GPS jammers or blockers intentionally send signals on the same radio frequency as the cell phone, disrupting communication between the cell phone and the cell phone base station, effectively keeping the cell phone within the range of the GPS jammer. It is a device to be placed in. Since it cannot be used, it prevents mobile phone interference. If you need to block internet connections in your surroundings, you need to understand one thing. You cannot block cable internet without disconnecting the cable. However, other types of Internet (such as wireless networks supported by WiFi and Bluetooth connections) are easily blocked.

Use a cell phone blocker or signal shield to prevent the machine from receiving signals and achieve a zero noise effect to improve rest and sleep at noon and night.

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