Correct understanding of the installation of mobile phone signal blocking in prisons

Correct understanding of the installation of mobile phone signal blocking in prisons

Technically speaking, cell phone jammer is actually just a small branch of the wireless information shielding system. Its essence is electronic countermeasures, or co-channel interference, which uses equipment to send out high-frequency signals through antennas, causing the mobile phone to produce bit errors when receiving downlink signals. However, it cannot be recognized and connected to the network, and the mobile phone is displayed as having no network status, which meets the requirements of blocking mobile phone signals;

Mobile phone signals may vary greatly in the same room at different locations and at different times. According to actual experience, it can reach about 10dBm. In terms of conversion success rate, the difference is 10 times. It can be seen that blocking mobile phone signals is actually a technically demanding project, and it is not possible to simply purchase mobile phone signal shielding and install it yourself. Site survey, power calculation, construction design, equipment debugging, etc. are all complementary and inseparable.

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When it comes to blocking mobile phone signals, everyone knows that we need to interfere with the downlink. However, due to a series of factors such as technical cost, price, and production constraints, it is difficult to only interfere with the downlink. However, some unscrupulous manufacturers do not cover the precise frequency range in order to improve the interference effect. Adjustment will cause some interference energy to the uplink, which can indeed greatly improve the interference capability and have an interference effect, but the signal blocker shielding effect is unstable. but at the expense of the public interest;

As a prison purchasing and installing hundreds of mobile phone signal shielding units, from a professional perspective, there are major problems in itself. When it is necessary to shield mobile phone signals in a large area and complex environment, high-gain antennas should be used for large-scale shielding combined with small-scale leakage points. Indoor antennas are shielded in a supplementary and optimized manner. The angle of the antenna and the power of the equipment require professional personnel to configure and debug in order to achieve the perfect effect of strict shielding inside the prison and no interference outside the prison.

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