Controversy over using jammers

Controversy over using jammers

The use of mobile phones by many students in school (especially high school) during class has become a major problem.

Steve Gray, principal of Hardy Middle School on Vancouver Island, purchased a phone signal jammer from an online dealer in China. Given that the school has banned the use of mobile phones and that children are still using mobile phones, he said he had to try several methods.

He also pointed out that controlling the use of mobile phones by students is very important. Because they can be actions ranging from cyber-bullying to providing answers to some cyber breaches. Interfering devices can effectively prevent students from coming into contact with these behaviors.

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Therefore, the use of mobile jammers is not only disadvantageous, but also beneficial to use in special places.

Use Jammer Location:

Theater, concert hall

In the medical facility

Data center

Bank ATM corner

Test site (classroom)

My store


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