Construction process and bidding precautions of prison cell phone signal shielding system?

Construction process and bidding precautions of prison cell phone signal shielding system?

1. On-site survey

Survey: the structural layout of the interior of the prison (such as the length, width, floor height of the building, the location of the aisle, etc.), the distribution of the building environment outside the prison, and the location and distance of the base station;

Measurement: the location, signal strength and frequency distribution of each operator's base station;

2. Simulation demonstration and optimization of design scheme

The construction is carried out according to the design plan, and the optimization is carried out according to different situations to achieve the best shielding effect;

The system should be partitioned and sharded to install and optimize and debug gradually, verify the shielding effect and detect whether there is external interference, and further optimize if necessary;


Comprehensive self-test to verify shielding effect, external interference, and radiation detection;

Adopt spectrum analyzer, test and analyze indicators;

Use mobile phones of different standards and brands to verify the shielding effect;

Use a radiation detector to verify the radiation value;


Conduct user training in an all-round way, hold initial user tests, submit system completion materials, and start trial operation

Provide training to users in necessary technology, principles, operation and maintenance, effect verification and other aspects of knowledge;

Work with users to detect the shielding effect inside the prison and detect the interference-free outside the prison;

The final test will be held after the trial run without problems

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Prison signal jammer system project bidding notes:

First, emphasize the shielding effect and acceptance method:

① Try not to specify the device name, configuration, quantity, etc., to prevent the acceptance contradiction after the quantity is satisfied but the shielding is not good;

② It must be stipulated that the effective shielding rate in the shielding area is more than 99.9%;

③ The scope that cannot be interfered and its responsibilities and disposal methods must be specified;

④ It must be stipulated whether on-site radiation detection refers to health standards or radiation standards;

Second, to prevent bidders from making false technical responses:

① The requirements for key technologies must be clearly specified in the bidding documents. The detailed descriptions, pictures and other materials of the products with corresponding technical requirements must be provided in the bidding documents. At the same time, these technical products should be brought to the bidding site for verification by the bidding committee. Conduct power-on demonstrations and give technical explanations;

② The certificate or related documents given by the bidder shall be checked and tested, and the certificate can be verified through the official department or channel that issued the certificate if necessary.

Third, prevent bidding mistakes and ensure the smooth implementation of the project:

It can be stipulated in the bidding documents that: after winning the bid, the experimental installation and commissioning of a designated shielding area should be completed within the specified time, and after obtaining the expected results, it is determined that the winning bidder's bid is valid or the contract is valid, otherwise the next candidate will win the bid or Re-tender. No payment is required until the desired effect has been achieved.

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