Cigar lighter GPS jammer

Cigar lighter GPS jammer

Excellent effect industry with a radius of 30 meters!


In the information age, high-speed development of communication technology and mobile phones have become important tools indispensable for people's daily work and life. However, as well as the wide application of GPS jammer mobile phones, some problems can be largely ignored production:

2 Band 2.4GHz 5.8GHz Drone Jammer

Smartphone jammers have become a new leak channel and pose a threat to confidential information security.

The development of science and technology, the positioning of mobile phones, tracking and surveillance have become the most important tools in the world of reconnaissance and sources. Therefore, as long as you are in standby, whether you use it as long as you have your cell phone in a secret place, the radio wave blocking device is caused by the leak to the country that is most likely to cause serious harm to units, individuals and political parties as well. ..

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