Car tracking interference interference signal mobile jammer

Car tracking interference interference signal mobile jammer

Car Tracking Interference Interference Signals Also Mobile Interfering Machine Completely modular design for signal interference of this high-end mobile phone, users can add the necessary shield, WIFI masking module to GPS module to mask WiMAX module. I can. By injection molding the housing, we are a company that meets the national environmental protection requirements.

Hot metal body shell, not only solves the problem of lightweight and easy-to-carry body, but also facilitates the use of secondary recovery. Due to the dual fan design, the chip product with built-in amplifier has excellent heat dissipation and long life, and a certain amount of heat during operation can be measured at the same time. The product equipped with a heat sink ensures a stable product for a long time. Therefore, to avoid overheating and burning chips, the work is constructing a double cooling fan, which significantly extends the life of the product with an average failure rate of 150,000 hours. 8-way handheld GPS jammer car car Hokuto jammer jammer GPS jammer is a car interference signal jammer handheld GPS positioning blocker anti-vehicle position and tracking mortgage car Hokuto road small portable jammer handheld GPS signal jammer, compass signal jammer.

Desktop 12 Bands Cell Phone Signal Jammer Multiple Frequencies

Shielding technical parameters Portable GPS signal interference Input voltage: 12V-24V battery time: 8-12 hours radius of action: reaches 5-10 meters. Portable GPS Signal Interference Obstruction Characteristics: Effective Prevention and Effective Interference GPS Satellite Positioning GPS Satellite Jammer Protect your privacy and information confidentiality.

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