Can the test room signal blocker block 5G signals?

Can the test room signal blocker block 5G signals?

The arrival of the 5G era has brought great convenience to people, and has raised the speed of mobile phone networks to a new level. But this also caused some problems. Last year, a college entrance examination candidate in Hubei used a mobile phone to take a picture when taking a math test, and then uploaded it to the Internet to find the answer. However, the signal jammer of the examination room is usually turned on during the test, so why does the candidate's mobile phone still have a signal?

When the mobile phone and the base station are connected by radio waves, there will naturally be a signal. What the test room signal blocker needs to do is to scan from the low-end frequency band to the high-end frequency band at a certain speed during the normal connection between the mobile phone and the base station. When the mobile phone receives signals, garbled interference is formed, and the mobile phone cannot detect the data sent by the base station. Therefore, If the connection cannot be established, there is no signal.

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However, because the traditional and ancient signal blockers in the examination room have not increased the frequency band to block the 5G signal, it has caused the examinee to use the 5G mobile phone to cheat. Can the test room signal blocker block 5G signals? The answer is of course yes, as long as the corresponding frequency band is increased, the 5G mobile phone signal can be successfully blocked. Is there any signal blocker on the market that can block the 5G signal? The answer is also yes!

Topsignaljammer's latest product, the 818B series of test room signal blockers, can effectively block 5G signals, and can effectively prevent candidates from cheating during the test by using 5G mobile phones, solve the problem at the root, and make the test room a fair and pure land.


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When purchasing a mobile phone signal jammer, everyone should not only pay attention to the price, but also pay attention to its quality and functionality. So what are the main factors that affect the price of mobile phone jammers? The answer is shielding efficiency, that is, whether the shielding effect has blind spots or leaks. Near some prisons, there may be base stations with strong mobile phone signals. In order to achieve a good shielding effect, a lot of materials and energy will be spent correspondingly, and the cost will increase accordingly. Therefore, the better the shielding effect, the higher the cost will be. In practical application, the shielding requirements in the surveillance area are generally higher, and there are slight leaks and blind spots. Violators may seize this loophole and make it possible to use mobile phones in the originally stipulated shielding area, failing to achieve the original intention of shielding mobile phones.

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