Can the full-band signal jammer add other frequency bands?

Can the full-band signal jammer add other frequency bands?

The full-band signal jammer is a common auxiliary device in the examination room, which can prevent candidates from cheating by using wireless signals. According to the different wireless interference frequency bands configured inside, the wireless signal interference functions realized are different. But if it is necessary to increase the interference of other wireless frequency bands, how to achieve it?

At present, most full-band jammers have achieved a modular design. By quickly replacing different interference modules, it is easy to achieve quick repair or increase the function of wireless signal interference frequency bands. However, for some manufacturers, it is still a headache to add modules of other frequency bands to the existing full-band signal jammer. Because at the beginning of the design, these jammers were designed according to the standard mobile phone frequency band, and no extra space was reserved to add interference modules for other frequency bands.

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The full-band signal jammer produced by our company has fully considered this point in its design. If other frequency band modules need to be added on site, it only needs to be realized by superimposing radiators. Fixed holes are reserved inside the shield to install additional radiators, so that the output of the original 12 interference frequency bands can be easily realized, and more wireless interference channel outputs can be expanded. This design can not only accommodate more modules, but also achieve the ability to expand the interference effect on the same site by refining the frequency. It supports the expansion of 24 interference frequency modules at most, so as to realize more wireless signal interference requirements.

At the same time, we also pay attention to the heat dissipation of the shield. When stacking radiators, we will provide radiators of various specifications and shapes according to specific usage conditions to meet different usage needs. Through this design, we can provide customers with more flexible and practical full-band signal jammers to help customers easily deal with wireless signal cheating in various examination environments.

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