Can the full-band jammer be used through walls?

Can the full-band jammer be used through walls?

With the increasing popularity of mobile phones, there is a modern society where every person has one phone. Students basically have mobile phones, but the control is relatively weak. Many schools will install full-band signal blocker in school dormitories to prevent students from playing mobile phones during breaks and affecting sleep. Therefore, we will often be asked this question: whether the jammer can penetrate the wall to interfere with the dormitory has the following possibilities:

First of all, look at the full-band jammer itself. The frequency band emitted by the jammer is mainly radio frequency signals for mobile phone signals. The size of the transmit power determines how much attenuated it encounters obstacles in the transmission path. And the degree of attenuation is different due to the error degree of different obstacles, such as a steel-concrete wall or a brick-concrete wall facing the whole surface, a reinforced concrete wall and a continuous two-sided brick-concrete wall, The jammer can basically be attenuated, so the jammer usually cannot pass through the wall. After all, the jammer is not omnipotent and does not have the ability to directly penetrate, and there will be certain refraction and reflection when it encounters the wall.

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In some cases, different wall materials have different degrees of attenuation to the jammer. For example, if the wall is made of light steel keel gypsum board, its attenuation will be small, like glass, wooden doors, etc., the attenuation is also smaller. In addition, if the full-band jammer will also have some influence on the back of the wall through the open space of doors and windows or through the reflection and refraction of the wall, it will give people the illusion of penetrating ability.

If the full-band jammer wants to interfere through the wall, it mainly depends on the material of the wall. There is also the on-site environment, the distance of the base station.

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