Can the camera signal be blocked?

Can the camera signal be blocked?

Faced with the growing demand for security, users have invented a whole range of products to protect our security. The camera is an important tool to be installed on various occasions to monitor every movement of the people. . However, our privacy information was also collected. In particular, spy cameras have appeared in the market, and people's privacy is easily photographed, which is extremely harmful to our privacy. So what can we do to avoid being filmed by the camera? Let's answer this question below.

First of all, the answer is yes. Simply put, we can get interference or shield the camera as long as we can't prevent the camera from shooting us or prevent the camera from transmitting the captured information. However, the types and styles of cameras are also varied. The main ones can be divided into cameras connected by cables and cameras that transmit signals using wireless technologies such as wifi, 3G/4G or spread spectrum radio.

To interfere with a cable-connected camera, you must invade each other's computer network to prevent the camera from working properly. This requires another skill, which is not detailed here.

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Below, we mainly explain why camera equipment that uses wireless technology to transmit signals is protected by us. Wireless transmission technology is to use a certain frequency to send signals, then use a corresponding device to receive these signals, you can get the image information captured by the camera. What we need to do is to intercept the transmission frequency used by the other party and transmit the signal of the corresponding frequency, thus disturbing the normal operation of the camera device. As mentioned above, the signals used by wireless cameras mainly include wifi, 3G/4G and spread spectrum radios.

Wifi signal includes wifi2.4G, wifi5.8G, and 3G/4G signal is the signal band used by our mobile phone. Radio equipment mainly transmits information in a range of 400 MHz. It is easier to find and acquire wifi jammer on some frequencies than on others. For example, there are a large number of common radios that can be broadcast in the 400 MHz band, which makes it easy to find shelves that can jam at these frequencies. Wireless security vendors typically take steps to protect you from the threat of interference attacks. It uses proprietary algorithms to separate accidental RF interference from targeted interference attacks. With the right equipment and the right technology, it can block any wireless transmission.

We must list all frequencies used for transmission and perform targeted interference.Any system receiving wireless signals of a specific frequency may be overwhelmed by stronger signals on the same frequency, eventually getting interference and shielding from camera equipment.

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