Can full-band mobile phone signal jammers interfere with 5G?

Can full-band mobile phone signal jammers interfere with 5G?

In 2014, our Internet information technology was upgraded to 4G, and now 8 years have passed. Now, due to the continuous development and progress of science and technology, 5G technology has been derived. 5G technology is faster than 4G Internet access and more technically difficult. But now many people have noticed that with the upgrade of mobile phone technology to 5G, many previous full-band cell phone signal jammers cannot block 5G signals. So when will the full-band mobile phone signal jammer that can block 5G be on the market?

In fact, the answer is very simple. First of all, it depends on the current development level of 5G technology. At this stage, many places have started using 5G signals, and 5G mobile phones are now on sale. The first 5G phone card of Pan Shiyi, the current CEO of China Telecom Communication Technology HO, has a tail number of 0001, which is still a long way from the popularization of large-scale commercial services.

In addition, the United States and other countries have already cracked down on Huawei's 5G products and systems in various countries around the world, and other countries have not yet decided whether to remove Huawei from the scope of dealers. This shows that the application of 5G in many countries is still in the stage of research and discussion, and even the contracted communication equipment manufacturers are not clear.

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Therefore, it took two years for 5G mobile phone signals to achieve large-scale coverage.

In addition, cost is also a problem. Judging from the current technical and production situation, 5G mobile phones are very expensive in the market, and few consumers can afford them. Imagine that if the new cPhone is priced at more than 12,000 yuan, it will be in decline, which may force Apple to cut prices. How many consumers can pay for the higher-priced 5g mobile phones?

Therefore, it will take some time for the production cost of 5g mobile phones to be greatly reduced.

Of course, many full-band mobile phone signal jammer manufacturers are taking precautions. The full-band mobile phone signal jammer products have been technically upgraded, and some full-band signal blocker products have been reserved for upgrading the power of shielding 5G signals. The full-band mobile phone signal jammer manufactured by topsignaljammer has now completed shielding 5G data signals, and the pre-buried expansion indoor space can be upgraded to 24 output channels at most. The upgrade does not require dismantling of the equipment, and can be achieved by upgrading the control module.

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