Can a mobile phone signal jammer effectively block the signal occurring on a mobile phone?

Can a mobile phone signal jammer effectively block the signal occurring on a mobile phone?

The cell phone signal jammer can effectively block the signals generated by the mobile phone, and at the same time, it can also block the signals generated by other communication devices, which can block the influence of signals. During the use process, how can users improve its practical use? What's the effect?

1. Take a used Coke bottle, clean it, and pull out the buckle.

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2. Carry out a circumferential cut on the bottom of the tank to remove the entire bottom.

3. When circumferentially cutting the tank, be careful not to cut it completely. Leave a 1-2cm part that does not need to be cut. At the same time, the remaining 1-2cm part must be close to the mouth of the tank.

4. Draw a vertical red line on the back and cut off the tinplate along the middle of the red line.

5. Gradually stretch out the cut tin sheet to make a fan shape.

6. Put the finished fan-shaped iron shell on the wireless antenna. If there are many wireless antennas, we can make 2-3 identical iron shells and put them on.

Mobile phone signal jammers can block signals and play an important role in the examination room. They can play a very good role in preventing students from using mobile phones to cheat. To improve its effectiveness, we may as well implement the above methods.

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