Benefits of using cell phone jammers in job shop installations

Benefits of using cell phone jammers in job shop installations

We all know that in the workshop, employees need to concentrate on operating equipment and not be careless. If they are distracted when operating equipment, safety production accidents are extremely likely to occur, causing personal injury and property damage to the company. Mobile phone jammers, to a certain extent, can reduce the probability of such incidents. Let's introduce the benefits of installing and using mobile phone jammers in the workshop.

1. If a mobile phone jammer is installed in the workshop, it can prevent workers from being distracted when they call or receive messages during production operations. It allows employees to concentrate and devote themselves to production work.

2. The mobile phone jammer is installed in the workshop, which can purify the environment of the production workshop, and will not disturb the working environment of the workshop due to a sudden call, and affect the normal work of others.

3. On some assembly lines, mobile phone jammers are installed in the workshop, so that the continuity of the entire assembly line operation and the production efficiency will not be affected due to employees answering calls or flipping through mobile phones.

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4. The production and processing process, processing technology, and product information of some enterprises belong to the commercial secrets of the enterprise. If the mobile phone jammer is installed in the workshop, individual employees with ulterior motives will not use the camera and video functions of the mobile phone. Information leakage, resulting in immeasurable losses.

5. Some mechanical processing enterprises do not have signal jammer installed in the production workshop. When the machinery and equipment are running, if the operator is distracted by answering the phone, it is very likely to cause a safety production accident.

To sum up, in some production workshops or workshops, it is necessary to install interferometers in some key workstations or key areas. According to the traditional rules and regulations, personnel supervision, punishment system, etc., it is impossible to completely eradicate and eliminate the proliferation of mobile phones. At present, from the perspective of technical products, a more feasible way is to install jammers in appropriate locations in the factory area. Every jammer A certain range can be covered, and these coverage areas can be formed into a coverage area in a cellular networking manner to achieve complete signal shielding in a large area.

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