Are the jammers made for military purposes?

Are the jammers made for military purposes?

Most jammers are built for military use, for example, to confuse the enemy where the exact location is, or where the enemy's GPS-guided missiles or bombs fall. However, there are several civilian uses that interfere with GPS signals. For example, it has the ability to hide you and your car when tracked by a GPS receiver.

Cell phone blocker are in the limelight following recent fraudulent cases during entrance exams at four prominent universities, including Kyoto University. The school there recently tested 5g jammers to focus their children on their studies, but admitted that the move may not be legal. They have confirmed with the FCC. "We just wanted to evaluate it," said Principal John Hook.

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Purpose of use of other jammers

Such jammers transmit radio signals in the 800MHz frequency band, which is used as the mainstream carrier frequency band for NTT DoCoMo and KDDI au phones. Products targeting other frequency bands are also available. Currently, the main corporate users of jammers are hospitals, concert halls, and movie theater operators, but some banks are also installing devices in automated teller machines to prevent "ore." (It's me, it's me) Scam.

"GPS is so integrated into our society's transportation, manufacturing and economy that it poses a high risk," said Professor Emeritus of Bangor University in the United Kingdom, a well-known authority on the criminal use of gps blocker. Said David Last.

Today, mobile jammer devices are becoming a private product rather than an electronic warfare device. This is because as the number of mobile phone users grows, there is an increasing need to disable mobile phones in certain places where mobile phone ringing is annoying. These locations include places of worship, university lecture rooms, libraries, concert halls, conference rooms, and other places where silence is allowed.

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