Analyze the effective coverage of mobile phone signal jammer

Analyze the effective coverage of mobile phone signal jammer

Although signals have brought convenience to many people, and many times the signals are very useful, in order to reduce signal interference, it is very effective to use cell phone signal jammers.

1. When the surface of the site is larger than the effective exhibition range, it is recommended to install a variety of shielding installations. Since the power supply and antenna are specially designed to support the host, they are required one-on-one during factory debugging, so do not use them interchangeably and stay away from the room. Hazardous gases and liquids, microbiological prevention work should be carried out during the period, and attention should be paid to the presence of old people, women and mosquitoes.

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2. The mobile phone signal transmitter is responsible for receiving the power of the base station through the mobile phone, and the attention between the base station and the mobile phone is even more important. The value of the power generated by the old mobile phone is actually less than that of the base station, and the development problem is not raised. It can only demonstrate the signal, and the power is greater than that of the base station.

3. How large a screen can be depends not only on the size of the mobile phone screen device, but also on the distance of the base station in the environment where it is used. E-building cannons and signal amplification are distributed in some buildings. Among the objects, it also plays an important role in wind. The factor is instantaneous. If the object is made of metal, ground observation: if it is a steel aircraft, the post-manufacturing cost will be reduced less: if it is made of wood or Bori's, zero medical treatment results are smaller.

Of course, the effective blue range of a mobile phone signal screen does not mean there is any personal value, it may also be affected by some factors. When we use it, we can check the screen-like effect of the performance instrument by checking the mobile phone, and whether the current environment is within a certain range.

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