An example of installing a telephone jammer

An example of installing a telephone jammer

With the rapid spread of mobile phones in recent years, smartphones are convenient because they can receive calls anytime, anywhere. On the other hand, in public places such as movie theaters, there are many cases where the ringing tone of a mobile phone or the like causes annoyance to other people. It seems that it is difficult to maintain a space to watch a movie in a relaxed manner. There is a movement to prevent inconvenience caused by ringing tones by using jammers that have a function to suppress mobile phone calls.

In order to maintain a quiet environment and to prevent annoying mobile phone radio waves, we have introduced mobile phone radio wave blocking devices in many places. I will briefly introduce an example of installing a jamming device.

There is an example of introducing a jammer in the hall. During the play, there is a phenomenon that the ringtone of someone's mobile phone rings all the time. Even if the announcement "Please turn off your mobile phone before the performance starts" is received, this phenomenon will not be reduced. Therefore, in order not to bother other people, I used a nuisance prevention device in the hall. This device is a device that intentionally makes the radio waves of mobile phones in the area out of the service area. Since the mobile phone radio control device emits stronger radio waves at the same frequency as the base station of the mobile phone, the mobile phone receives the radio waves of the 3G / 4G telephone jammer assuming that it is the radio waves from the base station.

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There is also an example of installing a signal jammer around the ATM. Each line posted a poster around the ATM to refrain from using mobile phones. In order to prevent transfer fraud, we have introduced a device that prevents the use of mobile phones around ATMs as a measure to protect the valuable property of citizens.

With the rapid development of electronic communication means, the act of cheating seems to be becoming more and more diversified. There is a phenomenon such as cheating with a mobile phone or small earphones in an exam and getting a pass. Since an incident occurred in which cheating was repeated using a mobile phone, we decided to introduce a device that blocks the radio waves of the mobile phone in order to prevent this phenomenon. Using this device, this device generates radio waves of the same frequency as the mobile phone, making the mobile phone unusable.

It's unpleasant to use the phone in places where you can't make calls, such as the subway or restaurants, so I use a jamming device to activate the wifi jammer and give it out of service. When I was reading a book on the subway, people around me started to flutter my cell phone. I wondered if I had switched on the jamming device before I knew it, but the power was turned off properly.

However, you need a license to use these mobile phones and other communication jammers, so be careful when using them. Under the Radio Law, when opening a radio station, you must obtain a license from the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, except for radios that emit weak radio waves. It is necessary to meet certain requirements, such as assigning radio operators who meet the qualification requirements.

Mobile phones are convenient because you can receive calls anytime, anywhere. On the other hand, if you inadvertently connect, you will be connected even if you do not want to be connected. It can be said that GPS jammers are devices that become more necessary as mobile phones become more widespread.

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