After the use of the signal jammer, there is nevertheless a sign, what may be the reason?

After the use of the signal jammer, there is nevertheless a sign, what may be the reason?

After using the signal jammer, in case you need to realize how the use effect is, it especially depends on whether the mobile smartphone has a display signal. If no signal is displayed, it method that it has been effectively blocked. If there is nevertheless a sign after using a sign blocker. What can be the cause for that? Let's take a look at the answer:

1. The mobile smartphone may be connected. If the mobile telephone is connected to the phone generally, it way that the defensive region has now not carried out powerful protective, and there may be leakage. If there may be no sign near the cell cellphone, it way that there is a base station or signal amplification at the location, and then it way that if the modern-day sign is shielded If the tool can not meet the on-web page defensive requirements, extra excessive-power device may be mounted.

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2. The cellular smartphone can't be linked, indicating that the mobile phone is in a essential kingdom. Generally, cell telephones with robust anti-interference and high sensitivity can have any such thing.

3. The mobile smartphone seems to have a signal, however it is a false signal, and the decision can't be made. It depends at the neighborhood signal power. Where the sign is strong, the protecting distance of the sign blocker could be shortened, and the vulnerable sign will shield the gap farther.

All of these motives might also motive the mobile smartphone to have a sign after the usage of the signal blocker. We must make modifications and control the gap between the mobile cellphone and the cell cellphone whilst necessary. Of course, every now and then it's also stricken by the local signal, which may also have an effect on the protective effect.

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