Achieve the purpose of telephone signal blocking within the specified range

Achieve the purpose of telephone signal blocking within the specified range

Mobile phones are becoming more and more popular. The security of mobile phone communications is a new challenge. In recent years, it has occurred due to test fraud, gas station explosions and other major accidents. These incidents have attracted the attention of leaders. We have developed a device outside the telephone signal range by adopting special advanced technical means. You can achieve the purpose of forcibly disabling the mobile phone within the specified range. This high-tech product is a useful item. There is no interference with other electronic devices.

The wireless signal jammer is a device dedicated to the test site. Blocks radio signals in a small area. It is confidential. Portable jammer are designed based on privacy tracking. This product forms an effective protected area and effectively interferes with mobile phones and GPS satellite signals within a radius of 1-10 meters. You don't have to worry about the location being tracked. Mobile jammers are unable to establish a connection with the base station at the frequency transmitted by the cloaking device.

Desktop 12 Bands Cell Phone Signal Jammer Multiple Frequencies

The blocking range is determined by the range of the hippo. To avoid cheating, schools need to install strong jammers. Directional antennas must be selected onsite according to customer needs to accommodate a variety of complex environments. The best disturbing effect can be achieved. The wifi jammer is highly reliable and can ensure stable continuous work for a long time in various environments.

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